About Us

In a land rich with memories, a few kilometers to the east of the remains of a megalithic wall once called “Paritone dei Greci” or “Limitone”, which marked the boundary of 8th century Byzantine domination in the land of Otranto, in the vicinity of compelling churches and Basilian caves (Belvedere, San Biagio and San Giovanni) , not far from the farm Campi Distrutta , which recalls the Lombard medieval farmhouse, arises Incantalupi. According to belief, the name Incantalupi (literally wolf-enchanter)originates from the particular charm of this place: open spaces which border the horizon, variations of ever changing skies, the quietness and fervor of life, profound silences interrupted only by ancestral sounds, callings of herds, cooing of doves, chirping of cicadas, howling of dogs, neighing of horses, rustling of hay, the strong smell of water-mint, wild fennel, oregano, myrtle: old flavours rediscovered together with crackling fireplaces, transparencies of wine that induce a sense of forgetfulness. But Incantalupi is more than just this.